get link Hi all, just going through the process of starting up a site for all my loyal friends and fans. Come back soon for information about scheduling your own personal art lesson, or see the most recent work!

go to link Include here are the majority of my Wet-on-wet class results.

follow This one I did in February 2014 with Kevin Hill in California. creek

see url  

mujer bonita soltera sin marido The circle below show the results of a painting lesson in October 2013

mujeres solteras y sin hijos 2013-10-20 15.30.05

best dating sites f Another of the three class paintings I did to get started in this endeavor. 2013-10-21 16.39.33

My very first commissioned painting, again created in a one-on-one class with Pete Ferry.

buy purim pinata 2013-11-11 15.59.12 Also Check Facebook for some of my other “masterpiece” efforts! Go ahead click it!!