OK I must say this is my favorite YouTube Oil Painting set of Videos? get link A Quick and easy and almost foolproof with Wilson’s Guidance

http://anchorot.com/?marmetr=sites-de-rencontres-nice&9d1=fa OK I screwed it up the first time I did it by not having my clear medium THIN enough. It did look great, just lost a bit after it started to cry and run down the canvas 🙂 Interesting effect but not what I was looking for. I’ve learned that one, You Don’t need much! I think you could even put it on and the TRY to remove it all and still be ok.


http://web-impressions.net/fister/77 Wilson Bickford “Shooting Star”New Year Shooting Star

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demokonto binУЄre optionen ohne einzahlung Also Check Facebook for some of my other “masterpiece” efforts! Go ahead click it!! jerrysartgarage@suddenlink.net