I’ve started a new development method here at the Art Garage! When I send a ‘blank canvas’ I decided to do a quick practice session.

site de rencontres dans les vosges The goal?? No pressure painting with a short time frame. I figured it’s just a box and will get tossed or recycled soon so no pressure.

opzioni binarie strategie la gabbia My rules? Layout time for paint and brushes doesn’t count in time. You have 5 minutes to complete you project and then you ship it. Any thoughts? Both gesso and Acrylics have a super fast drying time in cardboard!! I’m having fun anyway! 20140715-112807-41287559.jpg

get link 20140715-112807-41287046.jpg

site de rencontres 50 ans et plus 20140717-071329-26009440.jpg
And today’s 7 minute wonder on a box! Thanks USPS for “supporting” my art.

site de rencontre ado a madagascar Till next time!

watch 20140717-161507-58507460.jpg

optionwebcom vidioteca Also Check Facebook for some of my other “masterpiece” efforts! Go ahead click it!!