About a month ago a I joined a friend of mine in Pakistan to try to help out a nine year girl improve her life’s prospects.

We discussed starting off with sponsorship of 9 year old Maryam, whose family could not afford food or clothing.

Our original goal was to raise six months worth of support money, about $50 a month for my friend ,Sumeira, to bring her into her home and get her established in a Christian school.

As of this week we have achieved this goal due in large part to some donations we received through a GoFundMe page.

Our first post


Thank you all who participated for helping us help Maryam.

We are so pleased with this progress that we have identified and are trying to repeat this task and bring in another child from a motherless home with a troubled father.

If you can find it in you heart to aid or assist in any way please donate $1 or a few so we can continue to bring light and love to a few children in need!

Donate here!

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